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UV Electronics and Consulting provides a wide range of engineering and product development expertise in electronics, lighting, curing, and disinfection, including:

  • UV and Visible lighting design
  • Power Supply design
  • Controller designs
  • PCB design and layout
  • Design for Electro-Magnetic Compatibility
  • Qualification testing
  • Component sourcing and supplier negotiations
  • Safety testing (UL, CSA, and European requirements)
  • Creating test plans, procedure, and reports

We offer a full range of technical services and have the experience to successfully lead highly complex technical projects to fruition for applications in:


UV Curing

Our UV curing starts with a specific resin. We carefully analyze any system constraints, surface area, and the equipment dimensions to formulate the ideal UV wavelength to help determine proper curing level and accomplish the task. We monitor each project every step of the way.

medical tools

UV Disinfection

We have developed a way to effectively target a diverse variety of pathogens. Viruses, bacteria, and fungus all react to UV exposure differently, and our sytems help to determine the dosage needed, which in turn drives the disinfection system.

airplane wing


We have worked with various companies within aerospace. Our patented systems help with concerns especially acute in environments where air is recirculated, such as in an aircraft. Our process includes qualification testing to rigorous environmental specifications such as DO-160.

Lighting the way…

Our disciplined approach to project management is based on a product realization process that includes setting and documenting project goals, schedules, and design reviews. Throughout the process we stay in close contact with our customer to keep development in line with expectations both in terms of product performance and timeline.

ultraviolet led

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