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Innovative Products and Solutions

Our principal has over 40 years of experience completing a wide array of diverse engineering projects, developing innovative products and solutions for clients around the globe. We handle all aspects of the product design utilizing the Product Realization Process, including:

  • Creating the appropriate baseline documentation
    • Product Requirements Documents
    • Statement of Work
    • Gantt development schedule
  • Program management
    • Budgets, schedules, customer interface
  • Project management
    • Technical lead, coordination of the engineering disciplines
  • Product research and development
  • Electrical, electronic, EMC, mechanical, and illuminating designs
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Exploratory environmental testing
  • Qualification testing
  • Aerobiological testing

Our Process

UV Electronics and Consulting works with customers throughout the entire or any part of the product realization process. After the customer determines the target pathogens and dosage requirements for UV Disinfection, or the photo-initiators and dosage requirements for UV Curing, UV Electronics and Consulting can:

  • Create the baseline documentation
  • Perform the illuminating, electrical, and mechanical designs
  • Specify key components (such as the UV light sources and UV sensors)
  • Negotiate with the component suppliers and contract manufacturers
  • Specify construction materials that are resistant to UV degradation
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The UV Electronics & Consulting Advantage

Using outside labs, we can conduct performance testing such as aerobiological, environmental (temperature, shock, vibration, etc), acoustical, electrical, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), and ESD to ensure the products meets regulatory and safety requirements.